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Free Mentoring via the ICSA 

Being a Company Secretary can be both a rewarding and challenging experience and sometimes it can be helpful to speak confidentially to an independent third party to help you think things through – for example if you are:-
·         establishing yourself in a new role;
·         experiencing a particularly challenging period, or challenging work relationships;
·         feeling like you need to build your confidence, personal impact or soft skills;
·         experiencing significant change at work, or feel like it is time for a change;
·         needing some clarity on your career next steps;

I have certainly felt all of these at times so I was delighted when I read that the ICSA were introducing a free mentoring scheme for all members and were looking for volunteer mentors.  I, along with nine other ICSA members volunteered to take part.  We all attended a training course earlier in the summer and I am really looking forward to working with my first mentee.

ICSA are offering 2 to 6 free mentoring sessions with trained ICSA members from a variety of sectors and backgrounds.  If you would like to take advantage of this new service contact ICSA at

ICSA are also considering introducing a paid Coaching service to help members find qualified coaches, further details will be released next year.

Could company secretaries benefit from coaching? (read more)
In the following article I suggest that coaching is the ideal way of helping Company Secretaries build the skills required to realise their full potential, particularly in smaller organisations where there may only be one or two such roles.

Where was the company secretary? (read more)
It feels like every week there is a new corporate scandal, whether in the public, private or third sector. And every time a new one emerges, the first thing I think is: where was the company secretary?