Is it time to move job?

If you are in work, making the decision to move roles can be tough.  The certainty of what you have now versus the uncertainty of change can result in staying put, even when things don’t feel right anymore.  This is something I can relate to.  In the past I have ignored the signs that it was time for a change for far too long.  For me the signs were negative emotions such as worsening Sunday night blues, increased stress levels, worrying, irritability and sleep impact.  However, other warning signs might include boredom, self doubt, low energy, clockwatching, lack of promotion opportunities or being overlooked for promotion.

If these signs are there it might be time to think about a change.

Ultimately the decision will probably require a period of weighing the positives against the negatives, doing some research on what else is out there, talking to friends, trusted colleagues or people in your network or even working with a coach or mentor.

The decision maybe between deciding whether to settle for the certainty you have now, perhaps working to improve things there, or taking the plunge and changing job.  For me a turning point was working with a coach to understand my strengths and preferences.  I discovered that the role I was in simply did not play to my natural strengths which was why it was so draining and not enjoyable.

All the information you gather, perhaps pulled together into a decision making tool (many are available on the internet), can help you make the decision.   In the end for me the decision was obvious.

Next week I will cover how to make a successful application for that new job.