Executive coaching

I use the Results Coaching SystemTM  to help you to realise your full potential.

The system runs on five principles:

  1. We learn better when we find our own answers. I’ll help you to do it.
  2. The solution is key, not the problem. From the very beginning, we’ll focus on finding and working towards the solution – not why the problem exists.
  3. Positive feedback breeds positive change. I’ll support and encourage you every step of the way, rather than point out what you’re doing wrong (or tell you you’re doing everything right!).
  4. People work best when they’re stretched. I’ll challenge you just the right amount to draw out the best in you.
  5. I’ll take a structured approach. I will work with you to build a coaching programme to suit your needs and that will allow you to turn your dreams into measurable and achievable goals with deadlines. I’ll then ask you questions to help work out how you’ll achieve them, and I’ll challenge and support you to get there.

How and where do sessions take place?
We can do our regular sessions face-to-face, by telephone or over Skype (or one of the other video call providers) – whatever works best for you.  Many clients find telephone or video calling works well for them.  It means we can meet at times that suit you, irrespective of location, and without adding travel time.

The first coaching session is free so you don’t need to decide whether you want to sign up for the full series until after you have worked with me to determine the goals you want to achieve.

What kind of goals can I help you with?
As my clients generate the goals, they’re individual to each person, but they can typically include:

  • preparing for the next promotion
  • settling into a new role
  • building soft skills
  • developing the role within the company so it delivers the biggest possible benefit
  • building resilience during challenging times.

Why is coaching different?
You’ve probably been on day-long training courses where you make pages of notes, then barely look at them again.

The difference with coaching is that a coach works with you one-to-one over a longer period. This gives you enough time to identify what you want to achieve, then develop and apply the new habits that will help you to get there. And as you no doubt know, when something becomes a habit, you’re much more likely to stick to it – and feel the benefits in the long term.

This approach is particularly powerful when your goals are about developing soft skills or personal development, which are more about thinking and practising than about gaining technical knowledge.

Get in touch:  Email: lesley@lesleyward.co.uk,