As a chartered company secretary with 15 years’ experience in the public and private sectors, I understand the challenges you face every day. And I know from experience how coaching can help to overcome them.

I understand that to be a great governance professional, you need top-notch technical and organisational skills. But you also need outstanding people skills to:

• build and maintain relationships
• deal with change and ambiguity
• act as a discreet go-between
• offer independent advice
• challenge, influence and negotiate
• deal with difficult people and situations.

The trouble is, you can’t learn these skills in a classroom environment and it can be difficult to focus on them when you are busy doing the job.  Without a team to support you, it can also be hard to manage your career and professional development. So you may not be realising your full potential.

I use a structured 12 step framework (Results Coaching System(TM)) to:
• help you set and reach challenging goals, form new habits and become dramatically more effective and confident at work
• support you in guiding your organisation to get the most out of your role and helping it to meet its strategic objectives.

Who I  coach.
Because of my background I specialise in coaching governance professionals such as:

  • company secretaries
  • trust secretaries,
  • clerks to the governors,
  • heads of internal audit,
  • risk managers
  • compliance specialists

in the public, private or third sector.  But I can also coach people from other professions.

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